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A Tribute to "The Chief"

and 3 Other Great Men

Recently both Jim Sheridan and Ed Sopcak passed away. I pay tribute to these great men.

Mr. Sheridan suffered for many years with Alzheimer’s disease. Ed suffered with symptoms of a stroke and died just three weeks after Jim. Both men will be missed but never forgotten.

I also wish to pay a belated tribute to two other great men, Don Wilson who died in 1984 and Professor Orz Feather who died in 1987. All of these great men helped me bring Sheridan's Entelev Formulation to the world under our brand name Cantron.

‘The Chief’ was the affectionate name we used to for our leader, Jim Sheridan. In retrospect, when telling the story of our origins in this project, I refer to myself and my associates (Don, Orz and Ed) as his ‘Indians.’ We always deferred to the wishes of ‘The Chief’ and helped fulfill his dream to bring his wonderful product to the world. Mr. Sheridan always believed that he got his ‘marching orders’ from the great Chief in the sky. We got our ‘marching orders’ from Mr. Sheridan. I will always be honored to have been chosen to serve humanity in this capacity.

A devout Christian gentleman, Mr. Sheridan believed that the Entelev formula was given to him in a divinely inspired dream. He refused any financial compensation, claiming Entelev was “a gift from God to all his children.” Mr. Sheridan spent his whole life researching Entelev and trying to bring it to the suffering people of the world. When he could not get his product approved, he gave the product away for free. Such altruism is rare in human history.

To properly eulogize Mr. Sheridan, I will quote from two passages in Don Wilson’s book manuscript which is in my possession. The first passage relates to Don’s first meeting with ‘The Chief:’

“I remember the first time I shook hands with this kindly magnetic little man. His eyes sparkled with electricity, his tongue with Irish wit and bon vivant. Here, I thought is truly a remarkable giant of a man. How much I underestimated him. This kind little man was a giant with a heart and soul almost as big as the creator.”

In Don’s second passage he also gives mutual credit to Jim’s wife, Estelle who always stood by his side and supported him:

“Due to his herculean efforts, generations of humans will inherit a lasting legacy which should perhaps read;

...To a selfless couple who dedicated their lives so that others may live. They sacrificed their lives that others may not suffer and die an untimely death. Let us be forever grateful and thank God for two beautiful human beings whose life was a bible of love.”

Ed Sopcak was the last of the Indians (last one to join the project). He played a major role in the Entelev movement. He helped me produce Cantron for many years and was the founder of Cancell. Ed was very vocal about his beliefs and as a result he helped popularize this wonderful product.

In the March 84 issue of the ‘Detroit Monthly’ magazine, written by Michael Wendland, Don Wilson was described as “Sheridan’s most vocal and persistent defender.” This is an accurate depiction of this great man. He was working on a book about Entelev. On Mr. Sheridan’s behalf, he brought in a pharmaceutical company to research Entelev. He brought me, Orz Feather and Ed Sopcak into the project. Accordingly, I credit him as the father of Cantron and Cancell.

Orz Feather was a chemistry professor and an inventor. He was a wonderful, good-spirited and brilliant man who volunteered his time to help me develop Entelev/Cantron. He also assisted Jim Sheridan in his research endeavors.

I will be forever grateful for ‘The Chief’ and my fellow ‘Indians’ who served humanity so well. I will always keep fond memories of them deep in my heart. May they rest in eternal peace.



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