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Hydrazine Sulfate is a product developed by Dr. Joseph Gold of Syracuse University. It helps metabolize excess lactic acid which causes an imbalance and extreme stress on the system.

This imbalance causes the liver to expend energy to convert the lactic acid back to glucose only to be reconverted back to lactic acid in a metabolic circle. The body’s expenditure of energy in this process eventually results in it wasting away.

Hydrazine Sulfate‘s role in a nutritional wellness program is to enable a patient to return to sufficiently good health so the body’s natural defenses are restored.

The dosage depends on the weight of the individual. Anyone under 125 pounds should take the 30 MG capsules. Anyone above 125 should take the 60 MG capsules. For the first two days take one capsule. If it is well tolerated take one capsule twice per day during the next two days. For the next 45 days take one capsule three times per day. Stop for 7 days then go back to 3 capsules per day for the next 45 days.

There are many restrictions when taking Hydrazine Sulfate. You should avoid alcohol, barbiturates, sedatives, tranquilizers, anti-depressants containing MAO inhibitors, vitamin B-6 and all foods containing tyramine such as found in bananas, red wine and aged cheeses. Please consult the list of foods to avoid which was compiled by the developer of this product. This will be sent to you upon purchase of the product. Due to the diet restrictions, which all persons may not wish to adhere to, we are offering this product separately but at a discount when purchased along with one of our wellness programs.

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